“I liked the self-paced nature and the clean look. I also appreciated the multimodal learning and quizzes along the way to consolidate learning. Lastly, I really appreciated case examples." Jules, Grad Student & Training Graduate

“This was genuinely the most valuable training that I have taken, and I look forward to taking more in the future and to continuing my relationship with Seleni." Sara, Psychologist & Training Graduate

“The instructors provided information clearly, using evidence-based skills. Instructors integrated case examples, which were helpful to learning and enhanced understanding. All topics were relevant and applicable to my work." George, Social Worker & Training Graduate

“I had some doubts on using the online format training (as opposed to in person) but the course design and lectures were very well done and clear. The training has been so helpful in my work at the hospital with newly postpartum families. My goal is to destigmatize PMADs right from the beginning of one’s parenting journey, and prioritize self-care and support as a means to healthy attachment with their babies." Kimberleigh Weiss-Lewit, Lactation Specialist

“I want to let you know that I am absolutely loving the training bundle. I am so glad I joined! It has been such a great training with great foundation information as well as new information for me to think about that has not been covered in other trainings. I’m also really happy with the more specific modules for each of the PMADs, especially the inclusion of treatment recommendations and examples." Dr. Sarah Pires, Psychologist

“I enjoyed the course and it built on my knowledge. The course was very well-organized and thorough. I liked the verbal and graphic learning." Training Graduate

“I really enjoyed the training. The things I most liked were the style of teaching and examples. I would recommend this training because the information is easy to metabolize and valuable." Training Graduate

“The videos were great quality; the slides were helpful to accompany the lecture and the quizzes provided opportunity for reflection." Training Graduate

“I liked the organization of the slides and the varied visual aids and written outline format. It was very easy to follow for both visual and auditory learners." Christina, LCSW - Training Graduate

“It was a good grounding in the differences between mental illness and perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Excellent presenters, good breadth and depth of coverage of materials. Easily followed pace of discussion." Laura, MSW - Training Graduate